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The port city of Anzali, located on the Caspian Sea, is Iran's most important gateway to connections with its northern neighbors, especially Russia. The geographical location of this Zone has made Anzali port, as a northern anchor of the north-south corridor, to play a significant role in the transfer and transit of goods between East Asian countries and Europe.

On the other hand, the proximity of Anzali port to Rasht city, as the capital of Gilan province, along with the balanced climate, four-season climate and natural and geographical beauties of this region, has made Anzali among the important tourist destinations of Iran. In order to take advantage of these capacities, Anzali Free Trade-Industrial Zone was established in 2005, with an initial area of ​​approximately 3200 hectares. The boundaries of ​​this Zone were improved in 2014 and its area increased to about 8609 hectares. The main focus of this Zone is on the development of the transportation industry, trade and commercial services, the expansion of the tourism industry, as well as the processing and agricultural industries as well as the clean industries.

Anzali Free Trade-Industrial Zone includes two separate geographical areas. The eastern part, which is located near Anzali Wetland, which mostly includes port and customs facilities, industrial town and natural resource lands, and the western part, which includes agricultural lands (mostly cucurbits and gardens) and tourist and recreational places and facilities.

Anzali Free Trade-Industrial Zone includes 2.68 hectares of port area equipped with 10 mechanized wharves, with a total capacity of 50,000 tons. Also, soon, with the establishment of the Caspian port as a third-generation port, with 22 berths and a capacity of 11 million tons, this Zone will be able to become a logistics hub in the region, holding warehousing and distribution of goods, as well as development and expansion of marine industry.


a note from the CEO


Anzali Free Zone is the area of ​​golden rains, the port of foggy dreams, the land of agriculture and fisheries, the tourism hub of the country and the ancient home of hardworking people who have experienced fishing, rice cultivation and trade along with tourism. This region, as the economic hub of the north of the country and the northern center of gravity of Iran in international corridors, is one of the super-strategic regions of our country, which also has significant geoeconomic features.
The government's emphasis on the plan of Anzali Free Zone in developing our country's relations with the Eurasian Economic Union, which is the first operational experience of the country in using the capacity of free zones in international interactions, along with convergence in Gilan province The north of the country, along with the appropriate infrastructure and platforms for any kind of productive investment, trade, tourism and transit, has created a great opportunity for investors to achieve their goals and dreams in the international economy in this region.
Mohammadvali Rozbahan

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Exclusive advantages of Anzali Free Trade-Industrial Zone

- Located in the position of the northern anchor of the country in the International North-South Corridor (INSTC), which connects the Persian Gulf and East Asia to Europe through Iran and Russia.

- Proximity to the ports of Astrakhan and Lagan in Russia, Krasnovodsk in Turkmenistan, Octavo in Kazakhstan and Baku in Azerbaijan,

- Proximity to Rasht International Airport,

- Easy access to the mainland consumer market,

- Proximity to the largest oil and gas reserves of the Caspian Sea,

- Easy access to the consumer market of the Commonwealth of Independent States,

- Enjoyment of maritime, air, road and rail transport infrastructure

- Easy access to the markets of the Persian Gulf and East Asia, on the one hand, and the CIS and European countries, on the other

- Significant speed in issuing licenses and in company registration,

- Assigning of stalls in direct-supply exhibitions in the Zone to the economic actors of the Zone, for a period of 2 years, without rent payment and only by receiving the charge fee,

- Acceptance, by the regional organization, of advertising costs for producers who offer their products in the stalls of the trade phase of the Zone

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