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Transfer of the establishment license of Cryptocurrency Mining industrial unit

Transfer of the establishment license of Cryptocurrency Mining industrial unit

Industry and Production
Establishment of the License of Cryptocurrency Mining Industrial Unit
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Service Description

The establishment license of Cryptomining industrial unit, issued for the relevant industrial unit, can be transferred to any other natural or legal person, such as person "B". To do this, the person in whose name the permit was originally issued (person "A") must apply for transfer to person "B".

Person "A" = current owner

Person "B" = new owner

Service Instructions

You must be registered to receive all the services of the Website.

  •  To request this service, click the "Start" button at the top of the page. In case you do not have an account, you must register and if you have already registered, log in to your account.
  •  The "Start" button automatically adds this service to your service desk. You need it to know the latest status and track the history of applications.
  •  Now you have to select the establishment license for the Cryptomining industrial unit which has already been issued, and from amongst the licenses, select the Cryptomining industrial unit license of your and confirm the rules.
  •  At this stage, you must enter, in the form, the information of the person to whom the license is going to be transferred. (natural or legal, with national code)
  •  After confirming and updating the information, the file will be removed from your folder and the Zone expert will review your request. If there is a problem, the file will be returned to you to make the necessary changes. Otherwise you will be invited to go and receive the documents.
  •  After your in-person visit (person "A" and person "B") to the Zone organization and delivery of documents, if the establishment license of Cryptomining industrial unit is approved, it will be issued in the name of the new owner and will be signed by the manager.
  •  The new owner (again) must go to the Zone to receive the establishment license of Cryptomining industrial unit, which is listed in your Zone secretariat.
  •  At this stage, the electronic version is not visible to you (the previous owner) and the license is taken out of your ownership.
  •  The electronic version is not, also, visible in the system, for person "B"

More details

It is necessary for person "B" (the licensee) to be a member of the system and registered in it.

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