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Issuance of operation license of the industrial unit

Issuance of operation license of the industrial unit

Industry and Production
operation license of the industrial unit
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Service Description

Following the establishment of an industrial unit and in the pilot production stage, it is time to obtain an operation license. To have an establishment license is the prerequisite for issuance of a license.

Service Prerequisites

  • Issuance of establishment license for industrial unit

Service Instructions

You must be registered to receive all the services of the Website.

  •  To request this service, click the "Start" button at the top of the page. In case you do not have an account, you must register and if you have already registered, log in to your account.
  •  The "Start" button automatically adds this service to your desktop. You need it to know the latest status and track the history of applications.
  •  After selecting the Zone and applying for an operating license, you need to answer the question "Do you have an establishment permit or not?" If you have any doubts, please refer to the "More Information" section, hereunder, to answer this question.
  •  After this stage and confirming the rule, complete the information required by the file and click on the register button.
  •  The file is taken out of your folder and the Zone expert examines your request. If there is a problem, the file will be returned to you to make the necessary changes. Otherwise you will be invited to go and receive the documents.
  •  After visiting the Zone organization, in person, and delivering the documents, if approved, the operation license of the industrial will be issued and signed by the manager.
  •  You need to go to the Zone to get the operation license that is numbered at your Zone secretariat.
  •  At this stage you can see the electronic version in the system.

More details

Note 1: Those who already have an active and valid establishment license in the Behinyab, their establishment license is available in the system and it suffices to apply for an operation license.

Note 2: Those who have already had an exploitation license in the  Behinyab, their exploitation license is available in the system and there is no need for them to apply for an exploitation license in the system.

Note 3: Those whose license is not registered in the BehinYab and they have no documents in the Zone, must enter the paper file information into the system.

If points 1 and 2 apply to your case but you do not see it in the system, contact your call center or Zone.

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