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Chabahar port city is located in the southeast of Iran and is the only port city in Iran which has direct access to ocean waters. Existence of natural cuts in the coastline of this port, direct access to the Sea of Oman and the Indian Ocean, as well as road transit with the eastern neighbors of the country, balanced climate and suitable weather and hosting of two ports of Shahid Beheshti, with 14 berths, quick installation and total capacity 2 million tons, and the Shahid Kalantari Port, with 4 wharf posts and a total capacity of 200,000 tons, have turned this port city into one of the most important transit centers in the country.

Chabahar is considered to be the crossroad of two important transit corridors in the world, namely the north-south corridor and the east-west corridor. The natural and ecological capacities of this region have made this city attract a considerable number of tourists and it has become one of the tourist destinations of the country.

Chabahar Free Trade-Industrial Zone is located in the port city of Chabahar as the east transit corridor and a bridge to Central Asian countries, in an area of ​​140 square kilometers. The most important goals and axes of activity of this Zone are to become an energy hub, a transit axis of Central Asia and Afghanistan, a commercial hub in the east of the country, a strategic goods storage site, a food industry cluster and the third hub of the country's automobile industry.

a note from the CEO

Chabahar Industrial Free Trade Zone, as one of the eight free zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is located on the shores of Makran and at the intersection of east-west and south-north transit corridors. The three major markets of Central Asia and Eastern Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia meet in Chabahar; Therefore, Chabahar can be considered the best point of simultaneous access to these three important markets, which have a major part of world trade with each other. Presence in Chabahar means reducing time and transportation costs for these three important and strategic markets.

Today's global competition for transportation costs has fundamentally changed the region's economic landscape, and Chabahar, as an emerging region, plays a key role in the region's economic relations and diplomacy, as seen in international agreements, including the Ashgabat agreement. Will have a determinant.


Chabahar Free Zone Organization is determined to compile the social responsibility document of the organization and companies for the comprehensive development of the region and especially the development of social, educational and health services in the neighboring areas. Processes and executive operations for all interested economic actors as much as possible. Facilitate.
Abdolrahim Kordi

Dedicated benefits




Exclusive advantages of Chabahar Free Trade-Industrial Zone

- Located at the connection point of the corridor of eastern Iran to open waters,

- The closest port to the markets of Central Asia and Afghanistan,

- Easy access to fossil fuels, construction materials and minerals,

- Multi-faceted transportation by air, land and sea,

- Access to air transportation facilities through Chabahar Airport,

- Sales and long-term leasing facilities for foreign investors,

- Being located in the safest and closest route to global markets,

- Proximity to the most populous developing countries in South Asia (India and Pakistan),

- Located in the only ocean port of Iran (Chabahar) with immediate access to the mainland,

- Proximity to the largest energy sources of the world in the Persian Gulf,

- Discount on storage costs and use of port equipment for containers which enter the Free Zone on vessels,

- Discount on shipping from the origin, in the amount of 10% of the CIF value of the goods,

- Discount on agency and after-sales services, in the amount of 10% of the CIF value of the goods,

- Discount on the cost of opening of letters of credit (LC) through one of the banks located in the Free Zone, in the amount of 25% of the CIF value of goods,

- Access to 5,000-ton cold storage and large covered warehouses,

- Ability to moor large ships at port docks,

- Proximity to international shipbuilding and repair centers

The main axes of business

Tourism Industry

East Commercial Hub

Strategic goods storage site

Energy Hub


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