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Kish Island, in Iran, is mostly known as a region for recreation and tourism. The island, where Iran's first Free Trade Zone was established, is the second largest island in the Persian Gulf, and in addition to attracting more than one million domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year, it holds active industries in the fields of electrical equipment, electronics, clothing, food and pharmaceuticals, chemical and cellulosic products and offshore drilling.

However, the beautiful and unique nature of the island, calm beaches, clear waters and coral sands, and the special vegetation of the island has led to the largest investments in the island in the field of tourism and related services.

The easy access of Kish to the mainland markets and the markets of neighboring countries, especially the Persian Gulf littoral states, along with the strategic location and special access of the island to international trade routes, and its advanced transportation infrastructure, made the first Free Trade Zone of Iran to be established, in 1993, and was commissioned in this region, in the islands of Kish, Hindurabi as well as Greater and Lesser Farors.

The most important missions and goals of Kish Free Trade-Industrial Zone include the development of tourism industry, banking, cultural and welfare services, development of advanced industries, cross-border medical services, electronics, oil support services, as well as the establishment of oil and oil commodity trade services stock exchanges; and turning into a center for international and regional exhibitions and conferences.

پیام مدیرعامل

Kish Island, as the pearl of tourism in the Persian Gulf, with access to global free waterways and a unique set of airport and port facilities, transportation, advanced accommodation facilities, international stock exchange, oil and petrochemical products, banking services and insurance And the powerful and modern tourism facilities and infrastructure have opened up valuable investment opportunities for economic actors.

We are proud that we have been able to minimize bureaucracy by creating integration in organizations and decision-making centers and facilitate the process for all economic actors who want to invest in Iran's tourism hub and leading regions in new industries and technologies.

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Exclusive advantages of Kish Free Trade-Industrial Zone

- Access to Kish International Airport,

- Beautiful and unique nature to develop tourism services,

- A suitable environment for non-polluting activities,

- Easy and fast access to the mainland combined transport infrastructure,

- Access to the consumer market of the Persian Gulf littoral states, neighbors of Iran and the Commonwealth of Independent States,

- Annual seasonal tourism festivals,

- Diverse markets and shopping centers, and attracting tourists in the field of ecotourism,

- Various recreational and tourist attractions.

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