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Anzali ورود به پرتال گردشگری منطقه

Anzali port is called the European paradise of Iran. In addition to the many natural beauties of this Zone, Anzali is also known for its markets and shopping centers. This region is abundant in cultural, historical and social attractions, and with its modern tourism structures and infrastructure, it has earned the title of the new tourism hub in the north of the country.       

Anzali Bird Garden and Aquarium, which is the largest tunnel aquarium in Iran, with a 40-meter tunnel, embraces several coastal areas, including Pearl beach, Amir Bakandeh beach, Haji Bakandeh beach and Zibakenar beach, Fatato forest, which is one of the few remnants of Caspian winter alder forests and a natural heritage, and the Bojagh National Park, which holds  Sefidrood Delta in its heart, and as one of the important habitats of birds and aquatic animals is considered as an international wetland, constitute a number of the attractions of Anzali Free Zone. In addition, commercial and recreation centers, marine recreation, equestrian (horse-riding) clubs and karting tracks are also some other recreational and tourism facilities of the Anzali Free Zone.

The climate of Anzali Free Zone is temperate and humid and the rainfall is high. This region, with its temperature changes in different seasons, is a four-seasons Zone, and the best season to visit it is spring and summer.

Local food and customs, handicrafts such as pearl weaving, felt weaving, bamboo weaving, kilim and jajim, etc., along with numerous recreational, residence and tourism facilities, make the Anzali Free Zone one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Iran.

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