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Aras ورود به پرتال گردشگری منطقه

A large part of Aras Free Trade and Industrial Zone is located in Arasbaran forests. Arasbaran, which in addition to its historical place in the economy of Iran and the Caucasus, has also been very influential in the culture and art of the region and is listed in the world heritage. It is, geographically, located at the junction of three Caspian, Caucasian and Mediterranean climates. Since the area hosts a variety of rare plants and animal species, its beautiful nature is classified as a national park.

But the tourist attractions of Aras Free Trade and Industrial Zone do not end only in Arasbaran. Khoda’afarin historical bridges, the slopes of Gechi Ghalasi volcanic mountain and Kiamki mountain, Aras river and Asyab waterfall are but among the other natural beauties located in this Zone. The church of St. Stephen, which dates back to the ninth century AD, the Kurdish bath of Julfa, which is one of the most beautiful historical baths with traditional architecture, and the beautiful and historic village of Ashtbin, along with pottery, rug weaving (Vernibafi) and handicrafts, add to the tourist attractions of this region.

Aras has a temperate and humid climate and is one of the pleasant- climate regions of East Azerbaijan, which has a favorable temperature most of the year.

In recent years, many commercial, recreational, residential and tourism centers have been established in the Aras region to provide tourists with better hospitality and facilities.

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