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Arvand ورود به پرتال گردشگری منطقه

Arvand Free Zone is located at the confluence of two important and very water-rich rivers of Iran, namely Arvand River and Karun. Its geographical and climatic features have made this region, in addition to its endless natural beauties, as a residence for people of different Iranian ethnicities. It also has numerous historical, cultural and social attractions.

Mino Island with its beautiful and soaring palm trees as a natural resort, Abadan with its famous bazaars and museums, including the Rangooniha Mosque, with Indian subcontinent architecture and its beautiful plaster work and the city's cable-stayed bridge, which is referred to as the first in-land cable-stayed bridge, Khorramshahr, through which the Karun River flows and creates indescribable scenery, especially at sunset, are all part of the numerous tourist attractions of this Zone. In addition, we should also mention the nightlife experience in this area and its exciting and unique foods, flavors and delicacies. The experience of having coffee in cozy guest houses (Mozifa) of this Zone is one of the unique experiences for every tourist.

The climate of the Arvand Free Zone is especially hot and humid in summer and the best time to visit this area is autumn and winter.

Arvand Free Zone is one of the most important tourist destinations in the country with its various markets, restaurants and Mozifa, recreation centers and residences and its beautiful and lovely nature.

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