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Chabahar ورود به پرتال گردشگری منطقه

Chabahar is the only ocean port in Iran and it makes an unforgettable experience for tourists visiting its amazing natural beauty. In addition to the beautiful climate and nature, this Zone promises tourists the experience of visiting historical monuments, enjoying handicrafts and getting acquainted with local customs and traditions.

Chabahar's natural attractions are truly amazing and unique. Derek beach is one of the few places in the world where the desert reaches the ocean and creates a beautiful and exciting landscape. Lipar Lagoon with its amazing pink color is another wonder of this region. Martian mountains or miniature mountains which were part of the Oman Sea until a few million years ago, mud fountains that are among the rare geological phenomena, Gwadar Bay with its colorful mountains and sands, Gando Protected Area, with its unique wildlife, and the Rocky beaches, with ocean waves several meters high, are other tourist attractions of this Zone.

Chabahar is called Chahar Bahar (Four Springs) or the port of Hamishe Bahar (Always-Spring Port) and the paradise in the south of Iran, because it has a mild and pleasant climate all year round. The temperature of Chabahar is about 31 degrees in the warmest months of the year and about 16 degrees in the coldest months; and it hosts the largest number of tourists during Nowruz (New Year’s Day) and in the winter quarter.

In recent years, this Zone has attracted a considerable number of tourists; and many commercial centers, accommodation, tourism and entertainment facilities have been established in the Chabahar Free Trade and Industrial Zone.

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