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Kish ورود به پرتال گردشگری منطقه

Kish, as one of the first Free Trade and Industrial Zones established in Iran, has long been in focus of attention of tourists and travelers. This beautiful island, along with all its natural, historical, cultural and tourist attractions, has been welcomed by many domestic and foreign tourists as a quiet island with modern entertainments, and because of its development of tourism infrastructure and facilities.

600-year-old green tree, beautiful beaches and diving waters, unique wildlife, the historic city of Harirah and the underground city of Kariz, a traditional water reservoir, the mushroom cliff, beach and tourism parks, jet skiing, safari, para-sailing and etc., are just a few of the countless sights, facilities and entertainments of this island.

Kish climate is somewhat hot and humid and has a balanced and pleasant temperature in winter. In the summer season, every year, the Kish Summer Festival welcomes tens of thousands of travelers to the island with programs such as Night Festival, live music performances, film and theater screenings, and the awarding of prizes and the lotteries.

In addition to its residence and recreational facilities, Kish is also considered as one of the most important commercial and shopping areas in Iran due to the development of its modern and numerous commercial centers.

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