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Qeshm ورود به پرتال گردشگری منطقه

Qeshm is one of the largest and most beautiful islands in the Persian Gulf and in its area of ​​1500 square meters one can find so many unique natural wonders. In addition to its natural beauty, the local customs and traditions and food of this Zone also add to its attractions for tourists.

The Valley of the Stars which is made up of stunning sedimentary cliffs, beautiful mangrove forests with its trees which live in the salty waters of the Persian Gulf, Chahkuh Strait with its mysterious corridors, Naaz islands with a view of flying seabirds and flamingos on the island, Hengam Island with its pristine beaches, which are home to dolphins and turtles, the salt cave of Qeshm, which is the longest salt cave in the world, and the island of Hormuz with its beautiful colorful soils, are some of the other natural attractions of Qeshm. In addition, Laaft port, Goran dam and village and handicrafts, cuisine and customs and traditions of the people of the Zone are also the other tourist attractions of Qeshm Free Trade and Industrial Zone.

The climate of Qeshm is a bit sunny due to being an island and it is a bit hot in summer. Due to the fact that an important part of Qeshm's attractions are natural, the best time to visit this Zone is early December to early February.

Qeshm is ready to host domestic and foreign tourists with its numerous resorts and residence centers.

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